Mas Franchising

The state or province to potential customers that shop on the high street or shopping center must be located and the size of the. 50m² should be. Must be the same with the interior decoration Miss Rose Fabric stores.

Bank letter of guarantee is required in term gain. Special dealer discount is applied in advance purchase.

Specific to the vendor, the product right to the end of the season and has the right to change discounted items. Discounted products as priority is given to dealers. All Dealers must have the same range of products and concepts in proportion to the square meters. Special discount received from the company contracted by the Center Outsourcing is also reflected in the approved dealers.

Stand at the opening of personnel training to showcase design, store layout to Miss Rose Fabric is offered by all the support. Will use the dealer inventory and accounting program (Neb V3) is done by all knowledge transfer and installation centers. Automatically benefit from the exclusive sales agreements with dealers in the Bank and its affiliates. If the above conditions are met dealership is given on behalf of the dealer agreement with our company in the visual ads will be removed.

Franchise Application and Documents: address the send mail.